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Master Autonomy Planner

setout your goals with perfect clarity

reverse engineer those goals into a structured plan

break the goals down into bite sized pieces

execute each step with success until your goal is attained

95% of people who achieve their goals are 95% happier

5% are just sad sacks of crap who will just never be happy

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The systems in this planner have helped me execute on my goals & dreams allowing me to spend more time with my family. Teamwork makes the dreamwork!

Brett Ipson

Gold Coast, Australia


My organisation in my business and homelife was "ok" before. Now I have clarity and direction that I didn't know was possible before. Thankyou Josh :D

Sarah Pratt

Brisbane, QLD


I have used many planners in the past. This one is much different and I will continue to use it as the long term goal setting techniques as they integrate well into my daily planning

April Rawlings

Rotorua, NZ


Trying to juggle my family and restaurants I had no idea I needed this planner
I came across Joshes videos and it all became so clear. Absolutely life changing

Jason Vissiritis

Sydney, Australia


I am trying to launch a new online business and always "felt busy" but seemed like nothing was getting done. This planner keeps bringing focus back where it needs to be to execute and succeed. Very good value for money thankyou Josh

Stephen Pritchard

Los Angeles, CA


I thought I was pretty orgnanised, when you create more clarity around what you are aiming at, and how to get there, we really can achieve so much more. Very happy customer thankyou Josh

Eli Ramsey

Sunshine Coast, Australia


everything all in one place allows me to hack my mind, new habits, budgeting and detailed planning. have achieved some goals I just thought weren't possible before. Thanks

Darius Collins

Margaret River, WA