Do you want more engagement on your X Profile... Yes or No?

Do you ”want” more engagement on your profile…

Yes or No

Ok well…

Firstly do you actually “deserve” more engagement on your profile (currently)


Yes or No


If you say No you don't deserve more engagement… do you think X will waste its time feeding your posts any more engagement?


What can we do to earn the attention of the just some of the billions of readers that are on X everyday?

To define “value”... a valuable page would be showing me things I’ve never seen before and making me think in ways that I have never thought before


A valuable page would be changing my thought processes in a way that will create a positive effect in my life


If I were to post a valuable “question” on my profile would that be an effective method to provoke good thoughts in my readers' minds?

Fuck yes it is

Is it possible to ask a question AND provide a lot of value at the same time?

Fuck yes it is


Is it possible to ask dumb questions that are clearly intended on getting a reaction from thousands without any real value behind the question

Yes it is

So… if you invest the mental energy into the creation of many thought provoking & productive question tweets over time you will have built the reputation as someone who provokes thought and productivity in your readers minds

That sounds valuable to me

I’m not saying to only post questions but what I am saying you need to respectfully increase the attention you are getting if you are committing to a new life online…

Use questions intermittently to boost your engagement

Making the questions productive & thought provoking allows room for question posts to be useful to your readers

Question posts are something that I see abused all too often

And of course you see the stupid question posts more often

But everything we see is just what is most popular and viral

The essence you choose to put in all of your questions is your responsibility 

If you choose to ask the questions like “do you breath air” yes or no

You will reach a couple thousand of people and a couple of thousand people will have a giggle

But anyone that clicks through will see a low value low vibration page that has just posted a cheap silly question post and you will be categorised under useless and forgotten about

How do we become categorised under “useful” and your previous readers return to seek out your opinion…? You provide value, you don’t betray their trust with stupid questions, you do take the difficult path and fill the questions with unique observations and relatable valuable content.

Once you get people thinking about their unique lives

You get peoples unique experiences being shared in your comments

Unique responses from many different people is very interesting media

Popcorn effect GIF

Not only are you provoking your readers thoughts process

whilst delivering and abundance of value

But many other people will want to be involved in the conversation

And follow along to return to the conversation many times in the future

This sounds like a killer recipe for a mad amount of organic engagement

The X algorithm has no fucking idea what you write…

It just knows that people have either…

Chosen to interact with your content 

or they chose not to

The algorithm watches the activity of every person that sees your content

did the person stop and read it?

or did they scroll straight past…

Did they click through to your profile & seek out more of your work

Or did they invest their attention somewhere else more promising…

Get the algorithm on your side and you it will trust you with giving you more reach

You will develop a reputation not only with the algorithm but also with your new followers on X

I asked a question the other day and every single person answered incorrectly

they were being honest at least but it was an eye opening post

it showed me that no-one is thinking about the big picture for their growth

They are thinking small 

Are you one of them? still thinking small

I asked…

It wasn’t a highly viral post but as I will explain later “viral” and “value” are not the same thing

And both serve different roles in your pages growth

I asked people what they look for when they are navigating around on X…

And every person on this post answered the exact opposite of what will equal growth

I get on my feed and I do not look at profile pictures

I do not look at writing style, likes or comments

I look at the reach

How far did the power of tthis tweet drive itself into the world?

X will push a post to more readers but only if it deserves the attention

I want to find more viral posts

I want to know about the viral posts made them go viral

I want to absorb and understand more viral content so I can then repackage it

Using this viral content create my own “original” & potentially “much better” post

You are not stealing… you are doing the world a favor by breathing new life into it

You are not stealing… you are simply catching the pitch and throwing it further

You are using the momentum of a great topic and creating even more momentum

With your unique life and experiences that no-one else can replicate

You have a unique story or experience to remix that post as your own

No-one “owns” any of these topics

Where do you think they got the inspiration from themselves…?

Plagiarising is fucked

And if you copy and paste someone's hard work as your own you should rot in hell

But alternatively if you become good at recognising “high quality content”

And have the balls to test it out in new ways

The world is a better place and you are doing the world a favor

Its highly likely that after you repurpose and redirect these viral topics in your own original way this information will reach people that it never would have reached without you 

So how do you become good at recognising “high quality content”?

You don’t have to

The twitter algorithm already does that for you

  • The reach   -

If you want to know what topics are reaching more people on X

Which number should you be looking at when you read peoples posts on X…

A. the post content

  1. the comments

    C. the likes

    D. the reach

If you said D thankyou for paying attention throughout this discussion 

And I look forward to our future valued discussions on your journey of online growth my friend

If you said A, B or C 

Then you either are not interested in growing online

Or your actions do not match up with your intentions concerning X profile growth

And I recommend reading this newsletter one more time

Chat soon

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